Children Home

UNITEA Children’s home was started in 1987 for the orphan children of the neighbouring villages of the estate. The home supports both boys and girls of ages ranging from four to fifteen. The Children’s homes are located close to the houses of the Chamraj Managers and Staff, so that they are available for any assistance or guidance, or companionship. The staff and management at Chamraj are like an extended family to these children, and it is quite common to see a staff member or a manager’s wife tutoring these children – studies, music and such in the evenings.

The home gives the children a true sense of belonging. The children are enrolled for studies at the Chamraj School. They are also encouraged to be their own self – be it either growing a garden / vegetable patch or rearing a pet. This gives them a sense of responsibility and encourages them to participate in the home activities. By not only providing them a place that they can call their own, they are also given tools and education to equip themselves for the future.

An inordinate amount of effort has gone towards creating a place that the children can call their own place. Expenses towards running these homes are met by generous contributions from the Chamraj team – workers, staff, and management. Yet another example of how Chamraj team lives its values!

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