Health Care

Continuing in the spirit of service and commitment to its employees and community, UNITEA opened the Chamraj Hospital to the public in 1984. The only hospital within a radius of 25 kms from the estate (covering over 16 villages), it provides state-of-the-art medical facilities, free of charge to its workforce. Chamraj Hospital is also the first estate hospital to open its facilities to the local public for a subsidized fee.

Facilities at the Chamraj Hospital include a full-fledged pathology lab, two x-ray units (standard and portable), ECG with and without interpretation, ultrasound scanner, fully equipped operation theatre, dental chair, cardiology, diabetic, urinal analyzer, Dentist and ophthalmology. Hospital also serves as the registrar for Birth and Death Certificates, and is a center for family planning. Hospital staff includes, Surgeons and Anesthesiologists – Government and Private doctors on call 24 by 7. One ambulance is in service within the community.

Today the Chamraj hospital treats 25,000+ non-estate patients a year, which is a testament to the high standard of services provided, and UNITEA’s commitment to its employees and the community.

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