Employee Focus

At UNITEA, the company strives to foster the development of family ties between employee and employer as well as between colleagues themselves. Most of the work force migrates from their native villages seeking better opportunities, and once they become a part of the UNITEA work force, they choose to stay on and continue till retirement, making a home for themselves in the pristine Nilgiris. Given this reason UNITEA continues to create a great work environment that is conducive for the workers and the communities they choose to live in.

Some of the UNITEA welfare schemes listed below are unique and first amongst plantations:

  • Healthcare and Health Insurance (inclusive of medicines)
  • Education for the Employees Children
  • Retirement Housing Scheme
  • Pension Scheme
  • Cooking Gas
  • Subsidized Electricity (any spillover from the Micro-Hydel project)
  • Physical Fitness – State of the art gymnasium at the disposal of UNITEA employees.

Pension Scheme

The Pension Scheme is one of the major welfare projects initiated in the year 1997. A corpus fund has been created and the pension is being paid out of the interest accrued.

Salient features of the welfare fund:

  • No contribution is made towards this fund by the workers, Pension is met purely from the interest earned
  • Workers who have completed 30 years of service are eligible to receive Rs.1,500/= per month, and those between 20 and 30 years of service are eligible to receive Rs.1,000/= per month (beginning at the retirement age of 58 years)
  • Pension is disbursed for 10 years from the retirement age of 58 years

Retirement Housing Scheme

90% of UNITEA’s workforce is from the plains, migrating to the estates in search of work. Once they are part of the plantation, their lives are woven with the estates for a long time to come. Given that, UNITEA took charge, worked with the employees and devised the retirement housing scheme – that provides for the workers towards their housing dreams on retirement. Every year, the employee sets aside a portion of his/her earnings, and UNITEA contributes towards the same to create the retirement housing fund. This gives the employees to retire with dignity to his / her own home at the end of a long fulfilling career.

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