In the field of education, UNITEA offers the children of its employees the very best option in the district. The first school amongst the plantations was instituted at Chamraj in 1979, and the language of instruction was Tamil. The Higher Secondary School followed this in 1983. The response to these schools, from the workers, the staff, and the neighbouring villages has been truly overwhelming.

UNITEA started another school with English as the language of instruction in 1991 – for primary and from 6th onwards – yet another first amongst plantations. Classrooms are equipped with audio / visual aids and are truly interactive. Computer education taught in collaboration with NIIT is advanced and comprehensive. The school is not only renowned for consistent academic achievements, but extra curricular activities like sports, dramatics, dance, handwriting and music abound as well. UNITEA strongly believes in all-round development combined with academic excellence, and in the process helping children discover their innate potential. The Chamraj schools along with the four primary schools are located at different estates and support a total strength of 1300+ students.

The school enjoys a great reputation and is much sought after within the district. Children from all over the estate – from those of the managers to those of the workers, all study under the same roof. A hostel facility supports the increasing number of children coming into the school from the neighbouring estates.

In 1986, the Company contributed towards setting up a Higher Education Scheme. Today the scheme supports 40 students through their college education, and is jointly funded by the labour force and the Company. Yet another example of “oneness”.

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