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Nestled 6000 to 8000 feet up in the pristine blue mountains of Southern India (Nilgiris) are Allada, Korakundah, Devabetta, and Chamraj tea estates of the United Nilgiri Tea Estates & Company Limited, producing the finest of teas to invigorate discerning tea drinkers around the world since 1922.

UNITEA’s backbone is its workforce. Their happiness and wellbeing is a measure of the company’s success. We offer continual growth to our shareholders and stakeholders, by being true to the vision and values it holds dear. UNITEA’s commitment to people, customers and the planet, is best reflected in the several international awards and recognitions we have garnered.

UNITEA has always had at its helm farsighted leaders who dared to follow the path less travelled. The best illustration of this would be the experimentation with organic teas, as early as 1994.Today UNITEA is one of the industry leaders in the production and export organic teas.

We at UNITEA, believe that our growth is linked with the prosperity of our employees and the communities that we work and live in. To that end, UNITEA's pioneering welfare schemes have certainly captured the imagination of the “tea” world , and once again stand out for it being unique amongst plantations. Our welfare schemes not only enhance and enable the lives of our employees and their families, but also the neighboring communities, linking us all together in the circle of life.

It has been 94 years of energetic growth, experience and excellence at UNITEA and we still continue to brew the best “cuppa” you ever tasted.

Chamraj Tea

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